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Hi, It s says on the menu: Chelo Kebab Ghafghazi One skewer of mixed tender lamb and chicken, fillet served with grilled tomato. I didn t get the grilled tomato. If you don t do it, remove it from the menu, please this is false advertisement. Also expected a bit of salad garnish like in the restaurant, but it s ok, no tomato, no salad.

Agnes, 19 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi dear yes we should put gril ? but we forgot the salad only for inside not for takeaway but next time I promise you I will double gril Tomatoes ? for you thank you so much to remind me for that thank you for your comments

hi i have a request to make. are you a Kurdish restaurant? if yes can you advise me as to good list of foods to get for the refugees which are being housed in the camp at Penally in south Pembrokeshire. people are being asked to donate food and i would like to make sure the refugees get foods they are familiar with. thank you for your time. Rhod Kemp.

Rhodri Kemp, 28 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi dear It’s a little bit late but I just seen now it’s Iranian but we have some dishes for kurdish people the popular one lam cosy and chicken cosy but anyway we are kurdish


Ali Mdz, 10 Feb 2020


Tasty food, fast and friendly driver 10/10

Ali Mdz, 10 Feb 2020


Ali Mdz, 10 Feb 2020

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Great tasty

Nabil Salim, 18 Dec 2019

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amazing food great portion size and the flavours are stunning

Scott Hurley, 07 Dec 2019

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Wonderful Persian food with our Iranian friends while visiting Istanbul from the USA. Great atmosphere. Loved the kebobs and saffron rice.

Jill , 20 Oct 2019

Delicious meals would definitely recommend this place

Amir , 15 Oct 2019

Lovely good

Mia, 31 Aug 2019


Ghadeer, 27 Aug 2019

Nice, thank you.

Ghadeer, 24 Aug 2019

Thank you

Ghadeer, 24 Aug 2019

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Very good food

Paul, 09 May 2019

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Amazing food quality, highly recommended.

Justin, 10 Mar 2019

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The food is delicious specially Dolma and Reyhan Salad. Keep the good job


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High Quality Meals


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The food was amazing

Hamzah ,

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Best restaurant in swansea Clean and warm food served


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Best restaurant in swansea I love the restaurant

Abdulla ,

Beast resturant


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